Singles Prepare Before You Say “I Do!”

Singles Prepare Before You Say “I Do!”


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Soft cover Book

Dr. Frank and JoeNell Summerfield have the unique ability to search out and bring forth the practical meaning of spiritual truths, to carefully remove the exterior coverings of religious and spiritual clichés and clarify societies jargons that obscure spiritual, emotional and physical realities that plague the before and after of marriages. Thousands have preached and taught on marriage but few have exposed us to the spiritual depths of being happily married as the Summerfield s. They will open your eyes to the reflected Glory of God inside you as you have never seen before. Singles Prepare Before You Say I Do is a breath of fresh air for discouraged and disheartened people, believers and non-believers a like, who feel trapped in a mundane and mediocre existence. Their insight on marriage can reside in each of us as one of the perfect prescription to inject new life and hope into weary hearts and infuse fresh excitement

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